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Aldie, VA
An older guy who has a fart fetish. Yersh, I know this is weird but whatever. I love the smell of my own farts (will wear my undies 3 days or more so they smell even better) but what I want is to sniff a guy's farts. So, um, yeah. You need to be hot, into farts, and a nice guy with a sense of humor. xxxxxxxxxxxxx POOT
About Me:
Okai . . . so, my hubby turned out to be a boring a-hole. We only do vanilla sex, nothing kinky, and he won't even try to like my fart fetish. Sucks. I want a guy to fart on me. I also want to fart on him. And if we can do this during sex too that would rock. I'll leave my hub if you and I click. xxx